Kitty’s Fortune



Mix Format: 5.1 Surround

Description: Fiction Short Film (2016)

Director: Adam Baroukh

Production Company: Superplex Pictures

Sound Department:

Jake Whitelee – Sound Recordist

Rob Newman – Boom Operator

Alasdair Jones – ADR Boom Operator

Franka Beck – Foley Artist

Franziska Treutler – Foley Mixer

The Foley Factory – Foley Facility

Edward Sutton – Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Soho Square Studios – Sound Re-Recording Facility


Based on the true account of Kitty Hart-Moxon’s first fateful night in Auschwitz, worlds collide when young Kitty encounters a palm-reading Gypsy who hones in on her lifeline. The film is a rare glimpse into a touching encounter between two people amidst the brutality of their surroundings.

A powerful and important film based on an incredible true story, I feel really privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside the filmmakers to bring it to an audience.

I oversaw sound post; editing dialogue and sound effects, creating backgrounds and sound design and pre-mixing in 5.1 in my studio. I bought Alasdair Jones on board to help with the extensive group ADR session.

The Foley Factory provided many layers of detailed and evocative foley and also provided additional group ADR and sound effects recordings.

Rael Jones composed a powerful, beautiful score that propels the film and enhances the already extremely powerful cinematography and performances.

Finally, we were lucky enough to be able to have the incredibly talented Ed Sutton do the final mix in Studio 2 at Soho Square Studios.

The film was shot mostly in tight close up, so the soundtrack had to really fill out the background action and create the sense of a much larger, busier environment than we were able to see. We had amazing performances from the whole cast to play off which made it much easier to bring in a lot of background detail.

Thanks to the producers we were able to record a large amount of group ADR, with a huge array of brilliant voice talent in many languages which really brought an authenticity to the backgrounds.