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Film & Art:


Orchids, or a Hemispherical Bottom

Role: Sound Editor

Artist: Helen Marten

Location: The Encyclopedic Palace, Arsenale, Venice Biennale 2013

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Notes - Cleaner

Notes From The Underground

Role: Sound Designer & Mixer

Director: Lukas Demgenski

Description: Documentary Short Film

Location: Festival appearances at Cannes Short Film Corner 2012; East End Film Festival 2012; FEST Int Film Festival Portugal 2012; Parnu Doc and Anthropology Film Festival 2012; Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012; Ethno Fest Athens 2012; Tehran International Short Film Festival 2012; V&A Friday Late Peckham Takeover 2013

Awards: Winner Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short Amsterdam Film Festival 2012

A normal day when millions are travelling underground; when punctuality and speed are everything; when there is noise, machines and artificial light, there is also time, idleness, silence and the human. An exploration of a nowadays rarely visible part of a machine: the people who run it.

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Evian Disease

Role: Sound Recordist & Editor

Artist: Helen Marten

Description: Art Installation

Location: Solo exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris between 28th September 2012 and 7th January 2013

The video Evian Disease, newly developed for Palais de Tokyo, is the second work by the artist that exploits the medium of digital animation. Formulated as a dialogue between six characters, the video is a speculative composition, a wild chase in search of the place and speed of the contemporary individual.

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Eris Performance Picture

Eris: The Path Of ER

Role: Sound Designer & Mixer

Artist: Claire Hooper

Description: Art Performance

Location: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 26th May 2012

Eris: The Path of ER is a performance by Claire Hooper, drawing on Greek mythology as a narrative device – threading a fine line between classical theatre, docu-fiction and soap drama. The newly developed work traces the experiences of Danielle Marie Shillingford, a woman who has lost, and struggles to regain custody of her children. The performance departs from Hooper’s 2011 film Eris, and takes the form of a part-film, part-performance delivery by Danielle with a narration by Grime MC Lioness and a specifically developed live soundtrack by musician and composer Beatrice Dillon.

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The Dancers Will Inherit The Party

The Dancers Will Inherit The Party

Role: Sound Editor & Mixer

Artist: Thomas Hardiman

Description: Art Installation

Location:  Part of a group exhibition with Elizabeth Price, James Richards, Simon Mathers, Henrik Potter, Dominic Watson between 24th May and 2nd June 2012 at One Thoresby Street,

RE-RUN is an ongoing project curated by Majed Aslam and Fay Nicolson. Selected artists were invited to submit a short digital video file no longer than a minute to be displayed on a continuous loop for 24 hours. From 24th May to 2nd June a different work was shown each day. RE-RUN #2 took place at One Thoresby Street, Nottingham and online at

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Composer & Sound Designer: Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything Is Possible (Feature Documentary)

Directors: Ceri Dingle & Viv Regan


Sound Editor & Mixer: Hanging A Picture (Artist’s Short)

Artist: Thomas Hardiman


Sound Editor & Mixer: Time On My Hands (Artist’s Short)

Artist: Thomas Hardiman


Sound Recordist, Editor & Mixer and Composer:  Until Death Us Do Unite (Short Film)

Director: Seidi Saikkonen


Sound Recordist: On Dungeness (Short Film)

Director: Tom Reynolds


Sound Recordist: Pufferfish (Short Film)

Director: Christopher Gilbert



The Lights (44)

The Lights

Role: Sound Designer

Director: Hamish MacDougall

Location: The Spring, Vauxhall between 1st and 30th October 2011

The Lights is a dark journey through an unnamed American city whose structure and society is crumbling. Frederic and Lilian, a young couple, both experience a separate night of soulful derangement after a heated argument splits them up. We follow the misadventures of this modern-day Hansel and Gretel as they get lost among the shadows of a decaying urban underworld.



Audiovisual consultant to JBA Training Design, a training consultancy.

Selected work for JBA:

Edited video and mixed sound for vox pops (BMW).

Composed music to video for opening presentation (BMW).

Produced music and video for training exercise (Rolls-Royce Motor Cars).

Composed music and edited video for website (Rolls-Royce / JBA).

Composed music for training exercise (Raytheon).


Personal Exhibitions:

“Places without people or music” (Two-channel audio installation)

Exhibited at radioCona’s Radio Arts Space exhibition in ŠKUC Gallery in Ljubljana, Pixxelpoint festival in Nova Gorica, Nachtradiofestival in Berlin, on Kunstradio in Vienna and at the Transmittal exhibition in New York.

“Apply yourself to hearing” (Two-channel audio installation)

Exhibited at Sound Network’s The Comfort of Strangers exhibition at the Futuresonic music festival in Manchester and included on Sound Report the CD compilation of artists involved.

“This train has no platform” (Two-channel audio installation)

Exhibited at Hebden Bridge arts festival.